Ziza Bafana’s son Jontana Kasendwa ready to take music by storm

Ugandan dance hall musician Ziza Bafana’s son Jontana Kasendwa has also decided to follow his father’s path by prioritizing music as his foremost hobby apart from studies something that has inspired up his dad to organize for him lessons so as to nurture up his talent.

The five year old son of the ‘Batutunze’ hit maker is said to be a good pianist, a talent he is trading as an entertainment prefect at school and spends most of his time playing a lot of lyrics even after church.

Bafana has a lot of hope in his young blood and has decided to cash in a new piano to give chance to his little one have enough exposure and talent as he prepares to take him to studio for vocal lessons hoping he can become an another hot talent in the future that will be powering the local music industry.