Zari and Hamisa Mobetto open a war against each other fighting for Diamond’s whooper

Ugandan socialite Zari Tiale and the Tanzania video vixen Hamisa Mobetto (pictured above with Diamond) have started a social media war as the two fight over Diamond Platnumz cassava.

The war started as a cold war fought in silence until Hamisa Mobetto opened fire in public warning Zari to get away from her and to stop sending words. Mobetto convinced of her own beauty told Zari that she doesn’t like wars but if it’s a war that Zari wants, she is ready to give her ‘headache’.

Hamisa Mabetto a video vixen who appeared in the Solome video of Diamond gave birth just weeks back to a baby who allegedly belongs to the Tanzanian music star Diamond Platnumz.

“They call me a social climber. Well, I crawled to where I am today. I never used anyone to jump to where I am. I was the person I am when the man you are attacking me for came to me..Infact he wanted me to help him promote his carrier to the next level. How I love (Solome)……….Am a cool gal, I don’t like wars.But when you show me that you aren’t warm to me, I can intentionally choose to cause you headache….Am loved…What you throw at me does not matter at all” Said Mobetto.

Zari was quick to react back and described her as a slut that depends on opening her legs for a living yet her (Zari) is busy working for her future and future of her children. “They spread their legs for a living they don’t have value for money.” Said Zari.

Mobetto however made it clear that it’s her beauty that attracted Diamond to her adding that he did not find her on streets and then drag her to the studio but rather approached her after finding that she had all the qualities he needed.

“How many ladies were in town that could feature in that video? It’s me who had the qualities he could use to put his message across. Do you think he simply met me on the streets n held my hand to the studios?” Mobetto said with emphasis.

While told by her followers that she stooped low by sleeping with a married man, she asked whether any of those saying so attended the wedding ceremony of Zari and Diamond. “Who is saying I stooped so low by sleeping with a married man?? Unfortunately no one attended their wedding.” Said Mobetto in quarreling tone.

She went ahead to say she has no record of abandoning her own husband and kids to run after a young man, reflecting Zari leaving Ivan Semwanga (R.I.P) and her three children to go with Diamond.

“And well I have no record of abandoning my own husband n kids to run after a young man to break his engagement with his fiance.” Continued Mobetto “And I have no record of being a widow and claiming that I am married at the same time. You all know that great woman who has that wonderful record give a break.”

Zari The Boss Lady, recently on the grave of her fallen hubby Ivan Ssemwanga

Zari whose reaction was broadly boosting of her independence unlike the Mobetto whom she called a slut concluded by saying that she is going back to work to develop her home.

“I work my ass off, every cents count. For a 2 hour flight? It wasn’t worth it. Will use the money to add new sinks in my new kitchen. Oh, so all along they didn’t notice the business classes but this one time of economy is a big deal…I will do it again” concluded Zari.

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe