Zanie Brown’s Muyaye Concert Sells Out

The fact that gates at theater Labonita gates were closed at exactly 8pm is a true manifestation that Kampala has no more room for disappointments and every artiste pulls their own crowd genre. For last night’s Muyaye Live Concert, management was forced to close the gates at Theater Labonita by 8pm as fans filled it toe to toe on the early bird catches the worm basis.

It was such a mixed emotions moment of mixed feelings as more people lined up at the gates some with tickets, others ready to buy but doors were shut in their faces and a communique passed for them to catch the “Muyaye” artiste Zanie Brown on the subsequent shows today at Freedom city and at Georgina Gardens Lubya on Sunday respectively.

By the time we left the gates, everyone was cursing why the Muyaye Live Concert management chose a small avenue but we hope they have taken this in good faith as they all witnessed what happened.

Further about this, we later came to learn that he organizers (Balam Marketing Agency) underestimated the concert scheduling it in a venue that only accommodates 800 people as per its sitting capacity. Nevertheless, they organized two more other shows for those that’ll miss out on today’s. For those coming through today and Sunday, apply time keeping skills lest you’ll miss out again.

About the performance, Zanie Gabe out that rare power horse performance that left no fun demanding for more. Whatever sing she performed, it could send the crowd to a total musical blackout. Big up Zanie and whoever wants to get more of her, we have already dropped a plot for you.