Ykee Benda Finally Asks Julie’s Parents for her Hand in Marriage

It is not everyday that our celebs decide to get married and settle down with one woman especially when they are still at the peak of their careers but now it has taken alot of courage and determination for the Farmer hit-maker Ykee Benda to legalize his bedroom sessions with Fiance Julie Batenga.

Yesterday afternoon, Ykee Benda decided to go with his family members and friends all the way to Julie’s home and asked them for her hand in marriage to which they agreed since they had known him for quite a long time now since the two started dating all the way back in high school when they were still in Senior three(3).

According to the story we got from Ykee, the two started dating while in high school and even though it was an on and off relationship including when Benda had gone abroad to study, still Julie waited for him to come back to Uganda without dating anyone else which challenged Ykee to only settle with her. d

During their Engagement Party

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