WizKid Sets Dates for Kampala Concert

Last year in December 2016, with just a day remaining to reach the most anticipated concert in Kampala by Nigerian Star Wizkid, Startimes came out and announced that they had canceled the show everyone had anticipated for but now WizKid himself has come out to announce the new dates for his 2017 concert in Kampala.

After his cancellation for the Music concert in Kampala, a week later WizKid took it to his Twitter Account and posted that he was to give away free entry shows for all his fans in Kampala he had disappointed only to be replied back by angry Ugandans that if he is to come he should then come with his own supporters.

The anger however landed on deaf ears as Wizkid has once again come out and announced that by Next Week (2nd Week of October 2017) he will come out and set new dates for the shows he promised for Ugandans and this time around he will also be going to Addis Ababa, Angola and Botswana so all Ugandans have to do it wait for the announcements.

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Sean Musa Carter

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