Winnie Nwagi clears the air about the rumor that Producer Danz Kumapeesa is dead

Since yesterday on Sunday, Uganda has been in confusion over the rumor concerning death of famous producer Danz Kumapeesa and social media has been flooded by rest in peace messages to the producer in grief and sheer pain.

Weeks after he was attacked by goons and beaten to near death, producer Danz Kumapeesa has been in a very critical condition actually some call it acute.

But fresh and inspiring news that has landed our news desk affirm that he is still alive and kicking however he still needs our prayers because doctors say he got sever skull damages and it may take him so long to recover fully.

Winnie Nwagi came out and cleared the air concerning the rumor that the beloved producer who produced her song Magic is dead and she affirmed that the producer is still alive and responding to treatment.

“Kale nze mbeewuunya!! To all that have been confused by this, pse Danz Kumapeesa is still ‘ALIVE’ n let’s keep him in our prayer” Nwagi revealed

Quick recovery Danz