I will not give up – Stella Nyanzi talks about Prison Life

Owenene Dr. Stella Nyanzi has finally said a word hours after her release from Luzira Prison.

The celebrated academia has revealed the life she has been into in Luzira Prison where she had spent 33 days living in poor conditions. She said that people advised her not to give and she will not give up on the war against what she calls bad leadership.

“What a delight to be out of the ugly belly of the state’s brutality! Luzira Women’s Prison will forever hold a dear place in my heart. I made friends with prisoners. Thirty-three days of wearing the sickening yellow uniform, sleeping on a thin mattress spread on the cement floor – alongside sixty other in-mates in my ward, squatting in mock respect of underpaid prison warders, running to be locked up for ‘Foleni’ counts, undressing for body searches exposing my genitals to the prying eyes of warders, the nightmare of shitting in a flooding pit latrine, surveillance, interrogation, the works.” Said Stella Nyanzi.

She thanked friends, lawyers, politicians, journalists, social media and all others who joined the struggle to make sure she is finally freed.

“My lawyers and legal team kept my winning spirit up. My sureties restored my hope in humanity. All my visitors in prison inspired me not to give up. The public press media and the social media fraternities kept the fire burning. Human rights activists, feminists, queers, journalists, cartoonists, comedians, musicians, artists, scholars, researchers, foreign missions, and all my allies who stood tall and proud in solidarity with me, I thank you.”

Stella Nyanzi was granted bail today by the Buganda Road court but restrained from using social media to abuse the President and his close households.

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe