Who said Catherine Kusasira can’t be sexy? See her naked thighs as she sits badly with Ekitone flashing out

The embattled musician Catherine Kusasira proves those who were doubting her that she can really be sexy!
She got the photo sitting badly with her thighs exposed to the public.

Leave alone being arrested and spending a night in the prison, where she is being accused of conning money from Iryn Namubiru which she was to take to Lyto Boss and never delivered it.

Catherine Kusasira is living her happy life and doesn’t care.
I guess Iryn Namubiru will feel envy at her nice figure, since according to Catherine Kusasira the problems between Iryn and her originate from a man. I guess she will win the man.

Below is the photo of your Catherine Kusasira.
Catherine Kusasira naked

Nasa Tushabe

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