Watch Video: Kasuku Beats Up Fellow Presenter Shafik Kayima Live on Air

Drama will never seize to end between our celebrities be it Radio presenters, musicians or even just socialites as Dembe FM‘s Kuku Wazabanga commonly known as Kasuku badly beat up fellow presenter and real time friend Hajj Shafik Kayima while presenting live on Air.

It was during their early morning talk show called “Twezimbe” hosted by Kasuku himself, Hajji Shafik Kayima and female veteran presenter Ruth Kalibala and this show is aired on Dembe FM while live visuals are shown on NTV‘s Sister Station dubbed Spark TV.

While presenting, Kasuku got out of control and headed for Shafik Kayima’s face, beat him up so badly while everything was being shown live on Air until when Spark TV management decided to opt for a commercial Break.


After the break, they all came back on Air but Shafik Kayima had gotten plasters onto his face proving how badly the battle had gotten during the commercial break. They did the show till the end but Shafik wasn’t happy at all.

Immediately when the shoe ended, Hajj Shafik took it to his Facebook Page to announce how painfully he had decided to Quit working on this show and he had decided to look for another career without battles.

Its some good years ago when i joined the radio biz (Radio presenting), I have moved this journey on three different Platforms (radios) up to where i am now on Dembe fm and now on #Spart_Tv.

This has not been an easy journey, gone through a lot of ups and downs falls and make ups but at some point you feel you have been pushed too much to the wall and need to take a further step and break off from some situations, at times it may not be an easy decision but one may have to take it and move on, life is a journey i know at some point some will say “Winners never quit and quitters never win”  but hey, u cant keep being stepped on all the way. Know your rights and fight for them. we are all humans and equal.
I officially sign out. my step. My choice.

I am Kaima Shafiiq some friends call me #MiC_Lion
Thanks for the love all these years. He Lamented.

However, Kasuku also used to opportunity to mock Shafik On his Facebook page, he posted: “Banange ani anampita ku eid,Omusajja eyandimpise Hajji Shafiiq Kaima wuyo yagenze sulawo towel…Omunaku alabye banange.Kale Kaima osubidwa eid package ya monitor nga wefuula edubu.”


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