Watch Video: ABS TV Introduces Show Girl News Reading

Three months ago, Pastor Yiga‘s Television Station called ABS TV was invaded by UCC officials asking him to put down a news show that was aimed at enticing married men where by the News Anchors could undress live on air leaving just a few clothes on, but now after months of recess he has returned with something more juicer and still pit under the news section.

It is said that ABS TV Management chose the news section to air show girls because it is well believed that at such an hour is when most men are tuned in, so in order to entertain them to enjoy their news, they introduce in show girls in the middle of the news reading to show off their body curves and entice the men viewers.

It is during the “ABS Agebweru News” read in Kinyarwanda, Luganda and Runyankole where by a woman comes onto the screen, shows off her curves, talks no-sense to show that she is not an actual news reader but rather a show girl, then moves away for the news to continue.

Meanwhile, it should also be noted that these are not the only TV Shows that have put ABS TV in trouble as for the last couple of months about 5 programmes were scrapped off the station by the Uganda Communications Commission body saying that they were violating the on air rules.

Below are photos taken during the news and below them lies the News Video.

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