Was the Kenya Votes Database Hack Successful?

As Kenya 2017 voting ended successful, there were ongoing reports that the votes database was hacked into and hackers tried to change the Election results but now it has been confirmed that the hack wasn’t successful and no results were tampered with even though now the poll results counting has mounted to 99% with Uhuru Kenyatta taking the lead.

Late Thursday evening, Laira Odinga said that the more than 20,000 polling station result forms uploaded to the election commission’s website were fake doubling down on previous claims of “massive” fraud in Tuesday’s presidential election that were held under tight security.

Even though no proof was provided by Odinga, he alleged that the voting was tampered with and results changed upon the database website hence making everything invalid even though other oposition coalition leader Musalia Mudavadi told journalists that “confidential sources” within the IEBC had revealed the “actual results“, showing that Odinga had won the presidential poll with 8.04 million votes against incumbent Kenyatta with 7.75 million.

But the electoral commission has received endorsement from the European Union (EU) on Thursday to confirm no election manipulation in the voting process, calling on whoever wins the election to try to heal political divisions in the country.

“After such competitive elections, it is now time for Kenyan politicians to bring the people together and work towards an inclusive and socially cohesive society for all Kenyans,” David McAlister, an EU observer, said at a news conference in Nairobi.

A team headed by former US Secretary of State John Kerry also called for calm and restraint on Thursday, as protests called by the opposition turned violent on Wednesday claiming the lives of at least five people.

Sean Musa Carter

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