“I Want to Eat Sheebah and Anita Fabiola’s B0oties,” A Pass Confesses

Just as you think Alex Bagonza aka A Pass has gotten into line, he surprises you with a fresh lusty line and this time around he has diverted from all other things to focus on B0oty, imagine on a Sunday, he has confessed how he would like to chew and eat Sheebah, Anitah Fabiola, Lydia Jazmine and Flavia Tumusiime’s Bo0ties.

A Pass, who is well known for always crushing on Flavia Tumusiime even though he has a loyal girlfriend, has come out today and confessed how the bo0ties of these ladies disorganize his metabolism and with due respect he would do anything to get a chance of either eating or grabbing them but to make matters worse, he is committed to someone else.

The above mention ladies are the ranked one of the hottest and sexi3st stars in Uganda so it little surprises us that A Pass has also failed to control his lust but rather came out and announced everything via his Facebook page just to advertise how badly he needs them.

Queen Sheebah has a nice b0oty, i dig it naye silina nkubi.
Ne Lydia Yazmine has a apple bo0ty me love it but me no know who eat it.
Anita Fabiola has a fruity b00oty, me love it, but everybody want it.
Flavia .  She is a nice MC but I will pass by NTV.” Confessed A Pass.

He also went ahead to defend himself that he has lamented all this but he is married and committed to someone else so in that case, his account has been hacked. “Some One Is hacking My FB , I  Am Married.” He added.

Anita Fabiola
Sheebah Karungi
Favia Tumusiime
Lydia Jazmine

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