“I Want to Build a Hospital like SK Mbuga”-SaraJoy Bakanansa

Early last year (2016), city socialite and business man Sulaiman Mbuga alias SK Mbuga came out and started building his own private hospital for the community of Makindye but now even socialite SaraJoy Bakanansa has come out and stated how she wants to construct her own hospital too.

SaraJoy, well known as ex lover to Facebook Blogger Ashburg Katto and LGBT Lover to fellow socialite Sheila Don Zella has come out via her Facebook Live Video Chat and declared that everyone should compete with his/herself as she would also wish to contruct her own Hospital like SK Mbuga and give back to the community.

She goes ahead to narrate that she doesn’t want anyone to compete with her but rather look up to her for inspiration as she also doesn’t compete with others but rather look up to Mbuga as her rolemodel.

SK Mbuga is constructing a UGx 1.2 Billion Hospital in Makindye Luwafu as a way of giving back to his community and the hospital is almost done as a speculator insinuated that it looks exactly like the King Faisal Hospital located in Rwanda.


Tycoon SK Mbuga Currently Constructing a 10.2 Billion Hospital in Makindye

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