Vocal Star Mowzey Radio Swears to Quit Alcohol

Radio and Weasel duo member Mowzey Radio real name Moses Sekibogo seems not to put all the rehab efforts to futile as he has come up again and revealed to his tight friends about his plans and move to quite alcohol for good. As someone who attended a six months rehabilitation, he seemed to be serious with his word this time around.

The vocal star told his pals that alcohol has affected his music career and it is time to choose between the bottle and his successful career. Radio moved on to hint on the way Alcohol has started affecting his sweet voice and lack of concentration on writing of the songs and thinking.

Alcohol has affected my productivity, I must quit and concentrate on bettering my career” Radio chirped.

It should be further noted that since the time he hit the social scene under the stewardship of mentor Jose Chameleone, Radio has been known for three things that include his super vocal abilities, love for women and booze. It is more so believed that if he follows his word and really quits alcohol, the musician career could spring into a firm international one. Good luck Radio the future lies in your hands.

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