Video: Winnie Nwagi dancing [email protected] in a room

It all started when one of the prominent Facebook bloggers threatened to release the private photos and videos which Winnie Nwagi would never want the public to see. From then onwards, all the public has been waiting for is that video or those photos that will make them see what they have been wishing to see all this long in their favorite musician Winnie Nwagi.

The very same Facebook blogger yesterday shared the video of Winnie Nwagi as she was dancing [email protected] caught by cameras in the U.S. little did Winnie Nwagi know that she was being taped by cameras and once this dance which she did in hiding would come to the public limelight and be seen by whoever is interested.

The video features the dancing  Winnie Nwagi dressed in all white attire with a white top and nothing down but just a panty showing her big butt and the well pulled labi*.

Ray Supasta who leaked the video said that Winnie Nwagi got excited to land in the U.S for the first time and could not hide her happiness but rather to start making those sexy moves in the hotel room where she was staying. In the first episode where Ray Supasta exposed the dirty past of Nwagi, the booticulous singer came up not denying the claims made by Ray but rather acknowledging them as her “jenvudde”. Here is the video, enjoy.

Nasa Tushabe

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