Video: Singer Minayo Almost Bonks with Kyambogo Student on Stage

Rising musicians go through so many things inorder for them to make it to the top some of which include sleeping with deejays, producers and promoters inorder to sale out their songs but the latest saga revolving around Minayo has left so many revealers wondering whether she started doing drugs.

Minayo is not so much of a struggling musician as her single “Kankwambale” is not only doing good on charts but also in clubs.

There’s a video circulating on social media who’s original source was posted by Facebook blogger Kakensa Henry and in this Video Minayo is seen performing at Kambogo University when a fun filled with Lust humped onto the stage, grabbed her by thighs and danced as though having s*x.

The two did not only stop on dirty dancing but also went ahead and smooched for almost two minutes leaving the audiece filled with enthuthiasm and wondering what else Minayo does while backstage.


Sean Musa Carter

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