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Video: Reasons why Geoffrey Lutaaya chased musicians (names) at his father’s burial

The Boxing day tale is still on, how a prominent Ugandan Musician, Geoffrey Lutaaya chased fellow musicians who had come to his father’s burial and wanted to take the funeral flower to the coffin with him, to show solidarity.

Geoffrey Lutaaya was called to take the flower to the coffin as a son to the late Mzee Kabogoza Nelson, who was born in 1927 and Died on December 24, 2016. Musicians were called to escort Lutaaya and as soon as the first batch of musicians led by Catherine Kusasira arrived, he went past them weeping terribly asking them why they are pretending to be his friends yet they have been fighting him all this long.

Musicians who included Mesach Semakula, Ssekamatte, Catherine Kusaasira, Haruna Mubiru, Kinene, Baby Rich and others were seen in demise going back with faces full of shame as Geoffrey Lutaaya took the flower to the coffin cursing and grinding his teeth.

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He did not stop on chasing them, but went ahead and refused to recognize the condolence of UGX 700,000 these Golden Production singers had brought to him and even their written condolence message was never read.

Lutaaya later briefe journalists why he is not sorry for what he did even after many people criticized him for showing a wrong signal in public. The musicians he chased were fellow singers in Eagles Production until when the group splinted and they formed Golden Production the rival band of Da New Eagles that remained in the hands of Geoffrey Lutaaya.

He said that these musicians have been fighting him, talking ill about him and did all it takes to freeze his businesses.  Lutaaya explained how he wanted to book Hotel Africana for his Lweza Launch and after knowing his plan, they went ahead of him and paid 3 Million to make him lose the venue.

He asked why they could not come to see his father when he was sick in the hospital where he spent an extra of one year, but rather waited to come on the burial to show that they are good.

Lutaaya however made an exception of a few musicians whom he said that they are the ones who had clean hearts with no pretense. These included Catherine Kusasira, Silver Kyagulanyi and other few.

When contacted, one of the musicians Kinene said that they have no problem with Geoffrey Lutaaya, he is still a friend to them and have never tried in any way to stop his shows at Africana Hotel as he alleges. Below is a video of Geoffrey Lutaaya chasing the musicians.

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