Video: Jay Z Caught F1ngering Beyonce In Public?

Jay Z is a grown a$$ man who can afford to do anything, anywhere with whoever including his sexy famous wife Beyonce! This weekend, the power couple were spotted on a private yatch in a very bizarre situation. Looks like the big old G was having a deep foreplay with his wife in open air!

Jay Z has no doubt thought many rappers to be committed to relationship and marriage but is he now teaching them to finger their women in public too?
Their much anticipated tour On The Run is coming up this summer and also, they’ve been hitting up the screens and stages with very intimate dance moves lately. Maybe this was just one of those hot s3xy scenes – but this time, in real life!

After all said and done, Jay-Z is so successful because he does the things other people never dared to. Because he did it, stayed proud, and believed in himself, Jay-Z is successful. Maybe he has also started a new trend of pleasuring his wife under the sun light but unfortunately, after an intimate cruise, photos of him fingering Bey just got leaked!!!

Guys, this is hot, strange and bizarre. What’s your thoughts on these shocking photos?


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