Video: Eddy Kenzo Battling with Witchcraft after Hiring Thugs to Beat up Danz Kumapeesa

For over two months now, rumor has been making rounds that it was musician Eddy Kenzo who hired thugs to beat up famous music producer Danz Kumapeesa but now it looks like proof has come out after radio presenter Kasuku coming out to confirm and Kenzo himself confirming the illness.

Apparently, it is said that Producer Danz Kumapeesa was vibing Rema Namakula, who is Eddy Kenzo‘s wife and since the two used to spend alot of time together in Studio, Eddy Kenzo thought that it was Danz Kumapeesa disputing his family since Rema had started giving Kenzo little time at home.

Out of too much love and Jealousy, Kenzo got out of control and hired goons known as ‘Kifeesi’ to beat up Danz Kumapeesa and teach him a lesson never to play with a married woman again and most so Eddy Kenzo’s Rema and Baby Mama.

Unfortunately, as Danz Kumapeesa was getting off a motorcycle commonly known as Boda Boda to enter into his Makindye Home, thugs attacked him and beat him uop sop badly to a point of loosing recognition, they broke his skull and put him into coma which wasnt Kenzo’s wish.

Fans and family members of Danz Kumapeesa came out and asked countless times who was responsible for their friends’/Son’s condition but no answer was gotten even after endless battles of trying to raise medical bill money for him.

Two days ago our reporters were alerted that Eddy Kenzo had been attacked by a strange disease that even doctors failed to recognize but no confirmation could be gotten, at least not until today when Kenzo himself came out and posted on his INSTAGRAM page about the illness that is about to kill him. He posted a photo that showed the sorry state he is lying in.

It is alleged that his illness is not a normal disease but rather a result of witchcraft, witchcraft from the tired and angered people wanting Danz Kumapeesa to get back to normal.

Below is a Video of Dembe FM Presenter Kasuku also confirming that it was Kenzo who was responsible for beating up Danz Kumapeesa well famous for producing songs like; Mbozi Zamalwa, Musawo and so many others.

Play the Video Below to prove part of this rumor:

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