VIDEO: Bobi Wine’s song to Museveni & Police might give them sleepless nights

Fighting a man of fame, brain and talent is one of the worst battles any warrior can undertake. The Ghetto Youth might be giving ‘Ssabalwanyi’ and the police officers a very hard time not only in the parliament but also through music, the field which he understands better than any of them.

Reacting to his music concerts being banned by the Ugandan Police as they are citing the words he said during his recently concluded Specioza Live Concert in Busabala as being “incitful to the public”, Singer Bobi Wine now popularly known as Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi has issued a statement laughing at the Uganda Police and advising President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni not to tamper with the constitution.

In the short song of 42 seconds, Bobi Wine said that however much they can shoot his music, but they can’t kill his music, going ahead to request their attention in listening to his song which he said that Ugandans is growing backwards and that people are now tired of their nation because of bad leadership.

“You can shoot the music, but you can’t kill the music; so listen to this one:” was the opener statement of Bobi Wine as he started his song which was exclusively in Luganda.

In the song, Bobi requested those who can access President Museveni to tell him that what he is trying to do (amending the constitution) is bad and he should retire because Ugandans are now tired and developing hatred for their country.

Bobi had his show at Colline Hotel in Mukono banned after the Uganda Police released a postdated letter on October 18, though the letter is dated October 19 banning the Bobi’s show on allegations that he defied security orders and turned his Busabala music show into a political rally and he is being investigated because of his “incitful words to the public”

Here is the Song of Bobi Wine, Enjoy.

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe