VIDEO: Bobi Wine Stages a ‘Political’ Show at One Love Beach

The long awaited show of the year from the Fire Base camp went down last night 15th October as Bobi Wine staged a thrilling performance to his fans although when viewed on the other side of the mirror, it turned out to be a typical political show judging on the attire he came donning on and the songs he most performed.

According to how everything went, the ghetto gladiator and Kyadondo East legislature timed the right time to express his feelings on the most piercing issue of the constitutional amendment of article 102(b) of the Ugandan constitution and he had a lot to pass to his fans. It is undoubtedly confirmed that whoever attended the show not only loves Bobi as an artiste but also as a political figure who they have hopes in to liberate the nation.

And his Uganda flag colored attire he performed in and the songs he performed like Jennifer, Akalulu, Bikwase Kyagulanyi indicated that he had a political motive of the show. The most enticing part was when he could sing the remix versions of his songs and fixed in political slangs and words attacking the current government. This made the screws screen loudly as they begged him to come up and stand for presidency in 2021 they vowed to vote him in the top seat of this country.

What we missed to see was him coming putting on a red ribbon but it is because police had threatened to close down the show if he became too political and it’s because Bobi loves his fans it would be a bloody scuffle between civilians and the police if they dared attempt to stop the show or stop Bobi from putting on any patriotic attire.