Veteran Musician Ragga Dee Buys Own Bar

News coming through to our desks indicates that veteran musician Ragga Dee well remembered for his hit song “Mabwe” has once again bough off another bar in the city of Kampala and this time around it is called 256 Bar.

Ragga Dee is a veteran Ugandan msucian whose fame was at a sky shoot from 2004 to 2012 but he leg go of music and ventured into poitics hence leading to the downfall of his musical journey when he contested for being the Lord Mayor of Kampala in 2016 but now he has gone back to his old businesses.

He owns quite a good number of businesses in the city, so the 256 Bar is also going o be one of Ragga Dee’s huge investments he owns in Kampala including car washes, restaurants and so many others.

Sean Musa Carter

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