Veteran Media Personality Joseph Kabuleta Joins People Kissing Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s Shoes For Blessings

Veteran media personality and gospel minister Joseph Kabuleta On Sunday the 3rd of September 2017 couldn’t do a mistake of missing out receiving miracles from the popular man of God Prophet Elvis Mbonye as he joined several worshipers in kissing the Prophet’s shoes so as to boast his chances of attaining his long term achievements he has yearned for but seem to be far to happen at a fascinating event that happened at Kololo independence grounds, in Kampala city.

The Sports media analyst at NBS TV in the catchy weekend ‘Home And Away’ one hour show turned a pastor and stated doing missionary work with a zeal of foregoing numerous misfortunes that had blocked his entire way of life hoping that becoming a born again will open his doors to dream big in his entire life. He got born again in 1992 while in his senior six vacation but though he had a backslid, it was in 2001 when he found his footing again after realizing the evil life he was living mention leaving clubs empty and having deceit for his general p[piece of life.

Since then, he has dedicated to studying the word and teaching it with a belief that Jesus is coming soon and he will not die before He comes thus urging people to forego evil and become righteous as the only way to heaven.

Born to Margret and John Kabuleta, Joseph Kabuleta 45, attended Namilyango junior for his primary and Namilyango College for his O and A-level and has a Diploma in Civil engineering and a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication at Makerere University. He is an author with latest books like The Rich Man Virus and the father of two seems to have dedicated his life to God and is eager to spread the gospel so as to join the righteous come the judgment day.

According to our Blizz paparazzi, Kabuleta couldn’t miss out on kissing Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s shoes since he is still hungry for more promotions at his work place both at Capital Fm and NBSTV since good enough according to followers, the prophet can influence a lot of good impacts in one’s life if one subscribes to his deeds.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye once attached to a small fellowship called Zoe is currently a hot selling cake in the country basing on his political, spiritual, national and international prophesies and many nationals are now subscribing to his fellowship with a belief of turning their hopeless lives into more life and believe again for the greatest good.