The Verbal War Continues, Mc Kapale Gives Humphrey an Ultimatum

We have come reporting about the possible not to end now verbal war between comedian Mc Kapale and Jose Chameleone’s elder brother Humphrey Mayanja which was sparked off last week as Kapale attacked him and another one promoter Muva Wala on Kapale’s return from Boston where he held a show and accused Muvawala and Humphrey of not paying him for the performance he did however much he was given free visa and air tickets.

The rift moved on and we saw Humphrey come up and refer to Mc Kapale as a pig and asserted that his rival comedian Mc Mariachi is far better than him. This saw Kapale giving it waters and kept quite not until now when he has come out in part two but in a different way as he is accusing Humphrey to have hacked and taken over his main Facebook account.

In his words, Kapale said that he gave Humphrey an ultimatum of five days to have returned his account unless otherwise. He added that he doesn’t have time to look for Humphrey he should just do it as someone who respects the comedian. “Humphrey Mayanja I’ve given you five days when u have returned my Facebook account in names Mc Kapale which u hacked in, I don’t want to look for you” Mc Kapale roared. We cannot tell when this will end but we can affirm that it is still on going bitterly.