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USA Releases North Korea Missile Launch Ceremony Photos 

USA has released photos of the whole missile launch to prove to North Korea that the US is watching and tracking KIM JONG UN and that if the US wanted to kill him, US agents had a “very easy shot” during Pyongyang’s first intercontinental ballistic missile launch which took place in the northern city of Kusong.

North Korea was reportedly shocked by the clearly visible colored photos of their president released by the CIA, meaning that the person who took them could have been to near or close to him.
Kim was at the Missile launch site smoking cigarettes” during the 70 minute missile test.

In a fearsome warning, Mr Tillerson called for “global action” to be taken against Kim Jong-un to stop the “global threat” his communist state poses. The US military were said to be watching his every move, although Kim did not know he was under US surveillance. In once photo, Kim was shown directing his eyes into space to clearly view the missile flight progress, something the CIA says gave them a clear chance to shoot him through the throat had they wanted to do so.

Commending their decision to not shoot the leader, Mr Baker said the US has proven they have the capacity to strike North Korea and Kim. Mr Baker said he believed Washington allowed the fact US spies watched Kim at the launch to prove they were not intent on killing the communist leader, and in the hope Pyongyang may chose to “not continue” the development of their nuclear arsenal further.

According to reports, North Korea is only developing missiles because of regime security however Mr Baker did say it was “unusual” for the US to “leak” the fact that they watched Kim during the launch.

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