UPDF Refutes Claims of Peace Keeping in Kenya

It was reported yesterday Sunday by a local tabloid that the Uganda Peoples’ Defense Forces (UPDF) was on a verge of sending the troops to keep peace in the turmoil torn neighbors Kenya. Remember since the recently concluded elections in Kenya and the announcing of Uhuru Kenyatta as the president elect defeating his tight rival Raila Odinga, there has been political unrest in the country that has led to massive killings.

This was sparked by Raila Odinga’s official announcing of his rebel state to the Uhuru government and he was not ready to accept the results from the elections claiming the votes were ridged. This consequently led to the 45% of the Kenyan population that voted Raila Odinga to also become rebellious and as you read this, nothing is good for our brothers and sisters in Kenya.

The UPDF today has come out to refute the claims that it Uganda is ready to give Uhuru support as the situation normalizes and above all, that the forces were ready in combats to curb down the situation. The UPDF further asserts that Uganda government has not received any request of deployment nor is there any situation to call for the protection amidst bloodshed.

However they UPDF in the statement it warranted that it will still keep the commitment ties and will respect the conditions in the fraternal existing frameworks like East African Community(EAC), East Africa Standby Force (EASF) so it literally means that in case of any call, the UPDF will respond positively.  Brigadier Richard Karemire the spokesman of the UPDF cleared the air and called for downing of the ‘trash’ that was reported in the statement below.