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Untold story between Bebe Cool and juicy Mandy Lisa they have been bonkmates (Behind the beds)

There has been a story going on that Bebe Cool had fought a lady called Mandy Lisa a club Liquid silk and poured her with vodka where some have been blaming Bebe Cool while others say that it’s the lady who provoked Bebe Cool. Bebe Cool brought in CCTV Camera videos to ptove himself holy. But here is a story which even CCTV Cameras couldn’t tell.
We have followed event, followed the words spoken and the parties involved and finally came out with the truth that you need to know. When Bebe Cool came out with the CCTV Camera Videos that showed a lady approaching him from a distance, you all started blaming the Mandy Lisa but if you know the truth you will blame Mandy Lisa no more!
The only problem is that when a disagreement occurs involving musicians, fans hurry to take side and judge quickly basing on the music crew they support; fans of Bebe Cool abused the lady while fans of Bobi Wine and Kenzo attacked Bebe Cool. Here is a story which has no influence of any music side but the truth. So do not blame Mandy Lisa anymore neither Bebe Cool, sit and enjoy. The only real Wolokoso, We will back our evidences to the story we tell at the end.


Bebe Cool and Mandy Lisa have dating for so many years. Much as Lisa claimed that she rejected Bebe Cool’s proposal when she was 16 yrs, that is not true, she was older than that when she started dating with Bebe Cool. Bebe Cool had promised to marry her but at the last hour betrayed her and married Zuena the thing that hurt Mandy Lisa for so long. Mandy Lisa and Bebe Cool separated and stopped being bonkmates for so sometime since as Bebe Cool looked committed in his relationship with Zuena.

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But this did not last for so long, very soon the two love birds started enjoying the forbidden fruit again, but they always did it in hiding, since Mandy Lisa had accepted the fact that Bebe Cool was married to Zuena and wanted to respect the relationship with her.


Adding on the fact that Mandy Lisa was always living in Finland, it could give the two a natural distance barrier and they could only meet in holidays, which was something good for Bebe Cool to hide his intimacy with Mandy Lisa from Zuena. But nevertheless, Zuena finally found out that Mandy Lisa was sharing with her the gologo of Bebe Cool which made her upset and mad at her husband. In fact after Zuena realized that her co-wife Mandy Lisa was a close friend to Judith Heard, Zuena from then hated Judith Heard and she became a friend of Judith Heard’s rival Zari.

Bebe Cool in order to save his family from perishing, he had to try by all means to avoid meeting Mandy Lisa in any public places. He could even make tours in the Scandinavian region but fail to reach out to have a night with Mandy Lisa in Finland since he knew he was on watch. All these developments he did them when Mandy Lisa was not aware, so all Mandy Lisa knew was that Bebe Cool lacked an opportunity to since he was always alongside his wife Zuena.
After so long Mandy Lisa realized that Bebe Cool might be taking the different side, she in fact posted on her timeline attacking Bebe Cool though she was steal feeling strong love for him, thinking that may be her post will catch Bebe Cool’s attention and Bebe Cool comes to talk to her but according to Zuena, Bebe Kept quiet in fact it was Zuena herself who liked the post to show Mandy Lisa that she has seen the post. When Eddy Kenzo won the BET Award, Mandy Lisa went on and congratulated Eddy Kenzo an indication she was done with Bebe Cool. All these actions Bebe Cool kept quiet.
Look! An opportunity comes for Mandy Lisa, Zuena is not in the country, which to her she thought that Bebe Cool was thirsty of the sompyo and thought that once she approaches him, they will spend a lovely night together. In fact she wanted to make him “go mama”. The best way to get him was to go at Liquid Silk and restore her lost lover.
Those who have watched the CCTV Camera showing the encounter between Bebe Cool and Mandy Lisa, you witnessed the lady travelling from where she was and approaching Bebe Cool who was standing in one place. She approached him and expected him to give her a warm welcome (back to life) accompanied with a hug and a Kiss, but Bebe Cool knew that if it comes to Zuena’s ears that Bebe Cool had a friendly match Mandy Lisa it could marked the end of their marriage. He also knew that being a public eye, any encounter with such a lady would be everywhere in the news the following day.
After remembering how she posted abusing him, how she congratulated Eddy Kenzo and how she nearly made his lovely wife divorce, he decided to conclude everything and punish that lady because of her sins. The lady who came approaching expecting a hug, the best she got was being poured vodka on her face and attacked verbally with several confrontations from her former lover Bebe Cool and after seeing that she was out of order, the bouncers forced her out.
Some of you might still be biasing or disagreeing that Bebe Cool and Mandy Lisa were never lovers and have never exchanged their private parts, but before you do, first ask yourself the following;
1. Why did Mandy Lisa travel this long distance across the crowd searching for Bebe Cool in club Liquid silk if she was pretty sure that they hated each other?
2. Why after being poured the vodka, the first statement she gave is that Bebe Cool did that because she congratulated Eddy Kenzo?? Was she the only one who congratulated Eddy Kenzo?? Definitely no! She was just remembering the sins she committed against him and was guessing the possible reason why she Bebe was mad at her.
3 Why did Bebe Cool defend himself saying that “Why does she bring my wife Zuena in her matters” remember she also said that Bebe Cool should stop comparing her with Zuena in terms of Beauty, now how can you compare someone you never loved or intended to marry with your wife and you tell them?~weird.
4. Why did Zuena quickly enter the matter when she wasn’t actually at the scene? It’s because something concerning Mandy Lisa, she understands it’s her marriage going, Uganda Online managed to get a snap shot of person to person Zuena and Mandy Lisa, Zuena emphasizes how Lisa has been targeting Bebe Cool always and below it is.
So don’t put your attention too much on one side and ignore the other. The CCTV Camera video was showing what was happening in the Liquid Silk but not actually the source of everything. The biggest mistake Lisa did was continuing to date with a married man who had left her and married another man. Another Mistake that she made was poor timing! She should not have approached him in public. And once lovers are always loves, don’t get surprised if Bebe Cool starts hanging out again with Mandy Lisa in the near future.

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