Unknown Truth About Dorothy and Herbert Shonga

Socialites Herbert and Dorothy Shonga grabbed media attention late last year (2016) after they started splashing money and spending luxurious days traveling after their engagement party and to headline more tabloids, they topped it up with a very expensive wedding buy beside that, no one knows anything about them.

Apparently, according to reliable sources, Herbert met his now wedded wife Dorothy Shonga in Zimbabwe where he had traveled to, hence falling in love  and they started building up their own Empire in 2003 which they call “Shonga’s Empire” which has a couple of businesses attached to it including an advertising company that is in over 6 countries.

After the two traveling the world and making enough money, Herbert decided to bring Dorothy to Uganda so that they settle down to raise their children in a more appropriate environment and all gain home fame hence starting up an advertising company at home too.

For Herbert to call me a woman it was not about the pretty face and curves, It’s My Functional brain, enduring spirit,praying toung,hard work,independent mind,determine and forcuse it med him travel across mountains of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia Zimbabwe just to get me.” bragged Dorothy when talking about Herbert.

Sean Musa Carter

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