UCC Scraps ABS TV License, No More Kitone for the Viewers

Finally, the Uganda Communications Commission aka UCC has scrapped ABS TV off air after nullifying their working agreement after them violating the on air laws and rules governing everything that is supposed to be aired on TV.

ABS TV has for the past two years been receiving non stop warnings from UCC asking its management to stop airing some programmes like; Kalondozi, Agebweru, Oluwombo and so many more but even after all those warnings ABS Always found a way of airing N@aked women on the station hence forcing UCC to cancel its work license.

ABS TV is owned by renown pastor and business man Pastor Yiga but this has not stopped the body governing and controlling everything airing on TV and Radio station sin Uganda from nullifying its working agreement.

This gospel station has for the past two months been airing a programme called Agebweru, brought in as international news but during the middle of the Kinyarwanda read news, a juicy woman comes in, undresses or turns around to arouse the male viewers, after she walks away then the news continues.

Sean Musa Carter

A Creative, Experienced and True talk Entertainment/Gossip News Writer. Devoted to telling it the way it is.!!!