Tycoon Lwasa to Sponsor Desire Luzinda’s Birthday Event

Desire Luzinda is one of the most celebrated divas in Uganda but for her celebrity quo is widely attributed by her nude photos that were leaked a few years ago than music and of which did not only sell her name locally but also internationally and like of recent bath tab pics she released herself sparked the memories of the earlier Kitone pictures.

And now she is in another event but not the n#de pictures but her birthday since this August is her birth month that is going to be fully sponsored by tycoon Lwasa.

Despite her disowning the possible  involvement in a love affair with tycoon and club Tavern Kick owner ageing Lwasa she seems not to be moved with any word and she is looking forward to enjoy the offers from her ‘friend’. She more so came up warned on the possible birthday bash where she will be celebrating her 33rd birthday on August 15th as her year of birth has been confirmed that it is 1984.

However she has not yet communicated the venue for the birthday but our blizz moles quip that it may take place from club Tavern Kick in Masaka as the tycoon already offered her a free venue. And as we all know she has been shifting her birth years like president Museveni, we do not know how many years she will tell us on 15th this month but hopefully it will not be 26 again as she has celebrated 26 years twice so far according to her.

And according to our sources, Desire Luzinda’s birthday will be an only invites event where whoever will not receive an invite will not be eligible to attend the bash. We wish you a happy birthday in advance Desire Luzinda and thank you Mr Lwasa for the kind heart by sponsoring the event.