Tycoon Cameroon Gitawo Donates 5 Million to Danz Kumapeesa

The drive to saving bedridden music producer Danz Kumapeesa is still on and different people are still coming out to raise money to see that Danz Kumapeesa becomes better health wise and the latest to donate in is non other than the South African Based Tycoon Cameroon Gitawo.

Gitawo is a Ugandan tycoon based in South Africa and also a member of the Rich Gang Group but he has also come out to stand with the rest of Ugandans in the move to see that Danz Kumapeesa gets discharged from the hospital and that he receives enough treatment to better his health so that he gets back in studio to record fresh music for Ugandans.

Danz Kumapeesa‘s health condition is no longer so worrying like before as now he is getting better even though he still needs treatment which is far expensive and he hasn’t been able to speak a word ever since he came out of the coma after a bitter beating he received from unknown thugs three months ago.

Gitawo is still in South Africa but he sent a one Facebook blogger known as Ray Supastar to deliver his contribution and he delivered the UGx 5Million in contribution to the “5Million Challenge” that was started up by Bebe Cool three days ago. Below are the photos of Ray Supastar delivering money to Danz Kumapeesa’s mother at Nsambya Hospital.

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Cameroon Gitawo

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