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Is Tupac Shakur arrested in Los Angeles? Find the Truth here

While majority of the headlines regarding the name Tupac Shakur have to do with the legendary emcee who is believed to have been shot dead by unknown assailants, many still rumor that he is still alive somewhere in the States and there is a lot to take to believe either this is fiction or only the truth. But one story in particular has absolutely nothing to do with the rapper.

Interestingly enough, last month in Los Angeles, a man claiming to be named Tupac Amaru Shakur was arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon. As it turns out, the suspect has taken a liking to telling cops his alter ego as opposed to his government name.

According to TMZ, the 45-year-old, whose real name is Clarence Campbell, has been using the rapper’s name when finding himself in trouble with the law, with officers using that name on his official booking information in addition to ‘Pac’s June 16, 1971, birthrate.

Although there are plenty of conspiracy theories going around that Tupac is still alive, Campbell is personally not helping build a case to support those claims. As it turns out, while the cops may have played along with the alias, they still blew his cover by also writing down his government name for the record.

Perhaps this man is a super-fan or he thought telling the cops his name was Tupac would affect the outcome of his arrests.

Either way, Tupac was definitely arrested last month in Los Angeles

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