The Truth Why Bobi Wine’s ONE LOVE BEACH got demolished

Yesterday afternoon, word came in alerting our snoops that the Busaabala based One Love Beach which belongs to musician  and self proclaimed Ghetto President Bobi Wine was being destroyed as it included photo evidence but now we are here to bring you the exclusive as to why it was demolished.
According to our field personnel, we have been told that apparently the fued started up sometime back when the Buganda Land Board(BLB),  a body responsible for the Kabaka land onto which the beach was constructed asked Bobi Wine to come out and present the land title onto which he got leased with by BLB an order which Bobi Wine refused.
As the “Specioza” singer refused to present his land title, he also went ahead and started expanding his beach including taking over a certain peace of land which didn’t belong to him and putting there a parking lot, the Buganda Land Board came up with a harsh decision to demolish the boundaries onto which Bobi had passed as they also had evidence of the wideness of the land hence coming up with heavy machinery to destroy everything.

Sean Musa Carter

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