Trojans dancer Rogers Badly Rotting Away, Serious Help Needed

Rogers Bisereko, a dancer from one of best city music dance groups, The Trojans is seeking for immediate help from relief organizations and the musicians who are fellow partners in crime after suffering from a strange disease suspected to be a stroke that has made him bedridden for the past two months and is currently in severe pain.

Bisereko is another personality from the entertainment industry after famous music producer Danz Kumapeesa suffering from severe beatings from unknown assailants which left him crippled and hopeless.

The Trojans music dancer has featured in most musician Queen Sheebah’s songs like ‘Nkwatako.’ He narrates that he confirmed being attacked by stroke that paralyzed his entire body leaving him render less at the mercy of his creator but despite trying various channels to fight the worrying situation, he opted for Mulago regional referral Hospital where he is required one million to have an MRI scan and treatment.

I got a stroke. It started from the back pain…Then I got paralyzed from the chest up to downwards..We went to Mulago they recommend us to go to the scan…(MRI) ITS for 1M,” explained the hopeless youthful dancer.

He has called upon musicians to intercede and save his worrying situation both financially or any other alternatives so as he can hit back on the road and fro assistance one can get in touch with the patient on 0702154053.

Let us hope the concerned parties will respond with immediate relief mention the Team No Sleep members and the entire entertainment industry to save our brother who is in severe pain.