Trojans Dance Crew Member Gets Paralyzed After Performing at Club Tavern Masaka

Dance groups are slowly gaining back fame in Uganda and one of the hardest trying groups is called “Trojans Dance Crew” but now the fight to rise their talents is about to get drowned after one of their dance crew member only identified as ‘KOK’ getting paralyzed out of the blue after their performance at the Masaka based Club Tavern.

Club Tavern is a freshly only two months old Club located along the Masaka-Mbarara high way and it is owned by Tycoon Lwasa who also doubles as musician Desire Luzinda’s private investor when it comes to love rumors and during its grand opening Trojan Crew was invited to perform unknowing that one of their own would end up loosing his career.

Apparently, it all started when the dancers went for the grand opening of club Tavern Kick, then Kok mentioned that he had some little fever but he was able to perform very well and they returned to Kampala when he was so fine.

Unfortunately 2 days after, his lower body got paralyzed, he could hardly feel his legs.. His friends took him for various scans but nothing could be sighted as a cause. So they informed his parents and they asked for him to be returned to his village in Kasese District.

Now KOK has been in hospital (Kasese) for more than month and his hospital bill is so high in that neither the friends nor family can handle so they have returned him back home to cut off the pilling bills.

To make matters worse, the boy’s lower body has started “ROTTING”, he is always putting on pampers because he can’t control his waste products release and what hurts most is that people are treating a disease that they know nothing about. The doctors keep on saying that  the problem is from the spine but ever since he started treatment he hasn’t gotten any change.

Many have related his situation to witchcraft even though no proof has been provided.

There fore its on this juncture that they have called upon everyone who can help whether with advice or finances to come out and help us… the situation is beyond our control now. For more info contact Rajab Ali Kuklee or call & Whatsapp their crew leader on 0704363320.

Sean Musa Carter

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