Top Bootylicious Ugandan Celebrities.. You Need to See Who Holds #1 Spot (PHOTOS)

The American booty business is getting a huge bump as companies are earning in on increasing demand from women who desire for more curvaceous figures and fuller rear ends.
Celebrities like Kim Kardashian has given a whole new meaning to big backside and curves. But just because she has the most famous butt in the world doesn’t mean that it’s the best and only celebrity curvy-butt. In recent years, Uganda entertainment industry has seen rising number of stunning figures like in Singers & Presenters.

Popular Ugandan entertainment sites like Howwe, Ugblizz and other social network have helped expose the curvaceousness of these stars to the world. These ladies are not just curvy, they’re gorgeous in every sense.

Brown Shugar

This is one of the female band music artists who have stood alert in this industry competing for the booty and beauty spree award. You wouldn’t rule out her waistline and a twin separated medium booty in some serious booty competitions worldwide for real. She would seriously give you a strong challenge to her opponents if her body is well paid off.

Agatha Lowarsh Atiti

Birth Names; Agartha Atiti The Pun donor Magazine presenter on NBS TV is another lady whose respect has consistently grown in the past two years when it comes to Ugandan Ladies with the biggest booties. Her short waist that connects to her magnificent short and curved large booty that is currently leaving most African Ministers roll for her dinner campaign.

Cathenine Kusasira:

The Golden Band artist is another quiet well-constructed booted lady who has been denied chance of a mention by most blogs and tabloids. Our research this time has really extracted the best out of her and here we reveal to you how heavy and shaped her booty is. One would not believe that she is already a mother of two if he/she lively witnesses the rate at which her soft booty shakes living all her atmosphere fund with cool air.

Desire Luzinda

Birth Names; Desire Luzinda The ‘Ekitone’ singer is still one of the current female artists who have maintained their tight competition in this booty race for some good years now. Never will any USA President deny a chance granted to him to sit closer to her or even stand behind her on a dinner waiting at any time because of her 30 degrees curve constructed booty and slim waist.

Winnie Nwagi:

Birth Names; Winfred Nakanwagi Currently, she has totally proved our research team the best of her booty on and off stage. You would really buy our comparisons expensively if you just watch some of her most recent videos like; Science, Omusawo, Magic among others where she really makes the soft waist-bum circular shaped booty appear outwards to even make the Vatican Pope roll his hand begging for a salsa dance with the diva.


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