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Top 10 Best Ugandan Artists in 2016

The year 2016 was a year of surprise. Leave alone the ‘other’ big five legendary artists in Uganda, new artists proved to be better this year and have something new and fresh to put on the market. I have selected 10 Best Artists who were the best in 2016 basing on their songs and achievements in 2016. Here we go.

10. Irene Ntale. The song Sembera by Irene Ntale pulled her all this long to this list! Nominated in continental awards (Afrima awards 2016) Irene Ntale was that kinda musician one should have listened to in this year. Her song ‘He go down’ is one of the “standard” videos I longed for in Uganda!

9. Navio. Njogereza, Njogereza………….I guess you are all now singing with me! Nominated in continental Awards (Afrima 2016) Navio was among the best artists. He was the Artist of the Year 2016 in Ug Hip-hop Awards. Have you listened to his new song Rider? If the answer is NO, then it’s up to you to go and for that great song, or keep missing!

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8. Cindy. Best Female Artist in East Africa 2016 (Afrima Awards), Cindy Sanyu is one of the few female artists who performed far above others as far as Ugandan Music is concerned. Still Standing remains my favorite song. Her collabo with Namibian Oteya, ‘Sum O Dat’ and other songs were worth listening too.

7. Eddy Kenzo. Artist of the Year 2016 (Uganda Entertainment Awards) Eddy Kenzo continued to lift the Ugandan flag high! Nominated in AEAUSA, MTV Awards won Afrima Award 2016 Best Collaboration and many other awards, with songs such as Viva Africa, Dagala, Disco Disco, Style Kadodo, etc. Do you still remember that his Album Viva Africa Album was released this year? Well, calm down, Biology Album is coming in 2017.

6. King Saha. This Mulilanwa of ours started this year at his best and ended it at his best. Mwana Gwe, Muleese, Kyatule, Gulawo and many others. Well his Muleese full Album is coming in 2017. So if thought you had enough of King Saha, he is coming in full swing in 2017!

5. David Lutalo. Artist of the year 2016 (Hipipo Music Awards) David Lutalo is one of the artists that made Ugandan music interesting. With his collabo ft Grace Nakimera, Twala Byange, his song Sabulula, Onsanula and many others, Lutalo was one of the best.

4. Ziza Bafana for two years in a row, Ziza Bafana has been a sounding name in the Ugandan music. Yes, he has! Tuli Majje was the anthem in various clubs, his song Akalulu, Mavunya and others. He even earned a continental nomination in Afrima Awards. Did I mention the award he won in Ugandan Entertainment Awards 2016?

3. Winnie Nwagi. The booticulous singer who made her breakthrough in 2015 still had a lot to give Ugandans in 2016, her amazing song Musawo I guess is in the memory card of every Uganda (except the jealousy ones lol) her song Kano Koze video is that video I enjoy watching every blessed day, I guess everyone does ekintu kye tekubulamu wadde.

2. Bebe Cool. The Rasta who takes beef has never disappointed when given a chance. I cannot say this year was his best, but was one of his best years in Ugandan music. Besides being nominated in MTV Awards and Australians awards, Bebe Cool had many songs that topped the charts adding to the fact that, he started releasing a new song every blessed month. Kabulengane, Dede, Ki Ekiganye, Taata, Azina Aseka, were some of the amazing songs from the Gagamel Boss.

Bonus: Nutty Neithan. Who loves Dancehall? If you are one, then be my witness on this, songs such as Walk to Work, Lwaki Tonsasira, Muli Muki (alongside Mary Bata), What did you do (With Fille) Hot Hot with Cindy, etc, someone should be asking why I never made him my No.1.

1. Sheebah Karungi. With an Instagram username: Sheebahricherthisyear, Sheebah Karungi was definitely richer this year, her music was the best and her various songs of her topped the charts in Uganda, others made international scenes and earned her international nominations while others became part of the Ugandan literature. Nkwatako, Waddawa (ex waddawa), Kisasi Kimu, Goodbye, Nze Nimiiro gwe Farmer (Nze Nkukabala) and many others were the greatest hits in the country. She earned her first MTV Nomination, Nigerian Entertainment Awards African Female Artist of the Year and many others. Allow her to be Number one!

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