Tom Voltaire Okwalinga blasts Andrew Mwenda after Mwenda revealed his identity

The popular social media critique Tom Voltaire Okwalinga has fired back at the Old Man of the Clan Andrew Mwenda after the latter mentioned names that he alleges must be the brains behind TVO.

Tom Voltaire Okwalinga described Mwenda as a mad person whose problems have made him lose his mind.

Okwalinga said that Mwenda was recently chucked by his American partner after she found out that Mwenda was cheating on her with other girls one in Rwanda and the other one in Dubai. Since the American partner was the one giving Mwenda money, he ran bankrupt with a debt of over 3 Billion in Crane Bank. This forced him to run to the government looking for money from President Museveni.

Whereas many people think, that Andrew Mwenda is on the State House payroll to abuse Dr. Kizza Besigye, Okwalinga says that it was Mwenda’s target to reap money from the State House though it was brought down by some officials who had deep hatred for Andrew Mwenda.

“In a very short period of time, your American partner and financial muscle dumps you, after finding out that you are involved with two other sexual partners one in Kigali, Rwanda and another one in Dubai (names withheld) and you are taking care of their daily needs as this American foots everything indirectly. The American break-up comes with a plug off of all financial help, and leaves you with a staggering debt of 3 billion with Crane Bank”

Okwalinga said that Andrew Mwenda’s main target is to destroy the popular Facebook forum “Ugandans At Heart Community” which was founded by Abbey Semuwemba one of the three individuals named by Mwenda as the personalities behind Tom Voltaire Okwalinga on January 28, 2017 morning.

Okwalinga’s identity has remained a mystery for years and even up to now, people are not yet sure, that Andrew Mwenda’s revelations could hold water in finding whom the real Okwalinga is.

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Nasa Tushabe

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