Tom Voltaire Okwalinga Arrested? He goes missing

Hundreds of thousands of followers are worried about what could have went wrong of Tom Voltaire Okwalinga the chief social media government critique.

It’s now the second day since Okwalinga disappeared from Facebook without any prior warning which is making his fans get worried of what could be going wrong on their only free source of information about the secrets leaking in the in government and even the opposition.

On January 28, Mr. Andrew Mwenda exposed three personalities as the people responsible for running the TVO account and it is said that since then, the government security and intelligence operatives have been doing all things to track the named personnels and their connection with the TVO account.

After he (the real ‘Okwaliga’) learned that he is about to be captured and arrested, he deactivated the account as he tries to confuse security.

In his last posts on Social Media, Okwalinga brought a video belonging to the aide of Kale Kayihura, who was banking bundles of dollars in the Italian Bank in Roma, Italy.

Whereas some rumors are saying that the person behind Okwalinga’s account has been arrested and that’s why he is down, our team has failed to confirm that and Tom Volaire is not yet arrest and is expected back online after he is rest assured he is now safe.

Much as Andrew Mwenda’s revelations contained some loopholes, it is said that, they held some water in helping the government land on the real Okwalinga and up to now, the government is strongly hunting for Tom basing on Mwenda’s statement, to have him answer the charges that will be levied against him.

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe