I am tired of school-Spice Diana

Some writer said that “You will never know how heavy a sack of stones is until you carry it” this is a true description of Dancehall songstress Spice Diana in the current episodes.

Talking about her school life and music career combined, she feels she is overworking by sleeping for only two hours entirely and this is not caused by only music but by even the ‘heavy’ books load!

“Sometimes i feel i work so hard.i go for a performance and leave at 4. And i sleep for 2 hours by 8 in d mrg am already in d lecture room. this is the life i have lived for 3 years” Spice cried out loud.

And according to her words, she shows frustration as she is doing her exams currently to the extent that someone may think she is calling for help.

But all in, we wish you Spice success in your exams but don’t cry a lot that is the life most people especially Professors have passed through.