Three Artists Holding Concerts On The Same Day

Apparently holding concerts on the same day is something ugandan artists are taking for granted these days and now surprisingly on 13th May three artists are staging concerts on the same date, Radio & Weasel, Mathias Walukaga and Mickie Wine.

13th May Is a Mathias Walukagga will be hosting his “Referee Munsendere” Concert at Namasuba based Freedom City and on the same day Goodlyf’s dynamic duo Radio and Weasel also be Holding their “Omwana Wabandi” Concert at Hotel Africana as well as Mikie Wine will be doing his “Best Of Mikie wine” at Ambiance parking lot.

The battle between all artists is still too tight as they all have fans enchanting and seriously each advertising for their artists shows hence enhancing the competition to the maximum.


Sean Musa Carter

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