Why should a thief get sad when her loot is stolen? Diamond’s Side-dish Mobetto mocks Zari

The whooper war between Hamisa Mobetto and Zari is not yet to end as every day, new words power in to make the two sides get back to the battleground.

Hamisa Mobetto the side dish of Diamond Platnumz has continued to send words to Zari who kept in silence ever since her first reply, only to keep sharing past photos of her and her hubby. Thanks to Ugandans who have been there to fight a war on her behalf.

The Tanzanian Video Vixen Mobetto who appeared in Diamond’s video of Solome, has paused a question to Zari asking her why she is getting mad when her loot (Diamond) is being stolen from her. Mobetto made it clear that Zari stole Diamond from another girl and therefore she should not over react when that very same Diamond is stolen from her.

“Why do thieves get mad when what they stole is stolen from them?” Mobetto asked with emphasis.

She went ahead to mock Zari for being too old and clarified on that fact that she doesn’t actually hate being old, but she is not yet there and she leaves that category only for Zari. “I don’t hate being old, but truth is I am not there yet.”

According to her she shouldn’t be arguing with aged Zari but rather people of her age as she requested old Zari to get away from her way and leave her with Diamond who is of her age. “Where are my agemates?” Mobetto asked.

Mobetto is a mother of Diamond’s illegitimate child whom she produced just weeks back. The new son called Nessim Jr will be unveiled to the public after 40 days as she revealed.

Nasa Tushabe

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