10 Best areas to have s*x from and enjoy to the maximum

There are some of the areas which are not only good but also sweet to enjoy s3x in. We will suggest the best 10 areas to enjoy in, but the rest you will keep trying them yourself.
1. In the shower. You are bathing together, then you hold her amidst the shower, start caressing her and finally start the action right away from there. Most ladies love it, though they can’t tell, try it you will also like it.

2. At the event. Let it be a wedding, a conference, a sports event or a concert, and have it live from there. You can move away from the crowd to locate the nearest bathroom, closet or anything that can hide you from the public like 20 metres away. You will never forget that moment.

3. On the stairs. This is limited to only those who have storied houses, but the best ever someone should try out. While at the stairs, as she is climbing the stairs, start from there, do her the doggie style. Try it once, you will like it and every week you will be running back to the stairs.

4. Dining room. This is another hot place, be at dinner or after supper, or you can be in a casual talk, then definitely begin from there, change to a romantic talk, have the greatest s3x from the sitting room, let the table or chairs work as your bed, you will live to remember this moment.

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5. Bush. In the African lands there are still a lot of bushy places where you can hide and do your enjoyment when actually no one can trace you, in that area where only flowers, birds and insects can pass you by, it’s the greatest place ever to enjoy s3xx from.

6. Car. Hope you have ever tried this. If no, try it now before you miss a lot. This is one of the best spots, when you be in your car with the door cars closed and definitely you start the greatest romantic affair, enjoying the moment as the car tires seems to be moving with you in the act. This is one of my favorite.

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7. Mirror. In front of a large mirror, you and your wife, undress and start the act right way as watch yourself in the mirror; it’s like watching a bluuumovie of yourself. You can’t definitely feel like stopping, every moment you watch in the mirror gives you the power to continue.

8. Beach. Go for an outing on a beach, definitely start swimming do it live in the water, or in the beach gardens, especially in the late evening, enjoy the forbidden fruit.

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9. Hotel. At an outing in a hotel, where you are far away from home, after having great refreshment, ask for a guest room, have the greatest pleasure and definitely you will live to remember that great moment of happiness.

10. Compound. You are compound is your compound! Make sure it is fenced so that no one can come in without your permission, let the nanny be not at home and even the kids, at any point of the compound have that greatest pleasure, enjoy with your wife, it is two times better than the one practiced in the bed. Try out and see the greatness in your compound.

Nasa Tushabe

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