Tamale Mirundi Writes a Book About Hon. Bobi Wine

Former presidential adviser and now political critic Tamale Mirundi is well known of talking about all the kind of books he has written about different political figures and now his latest book is about the newly elect Kyadondo East Legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine.

Tamale Mirundi’s political book about Bobi Wine is comprised of a few pages and even though it is his latest invasion, he claims that he wrote the book 10 years ago predicting how Bobi Wine was to join politics, become a huge political figure till his fall when Mbabazi joins in.

Tamale Mirundi has written so many books, it is said that he has a book written almost about every politician, especially those ones who posses a huge threat to the reigning government at the moment and since the “Specioza” hit maker is also now predicted to be a threat, Tamale decided to put all his predictions and studies under one cover.

The “Bobi Wine” Book by Tamale Mirundi can be purchased along Kampala Road just opposite Diamond Trust Bank, near Total Petrol Station there’s a woman always selling all his books, and if one is not a street person, then they can try out a book shop still along Kampala Road but next to Post office.

Sean Musa Carter

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