A Strange Disease Eating up Singer A Pass’ Face

Fans of the comic Uganda male singer Alex Bagonza alias A Pass have started raising concern and worry over a strange disease that is currently eating up his face basing on a few photos that surfaced the Internet.

No one seems to know what exactly the ‘Tuli Kubigere’ hitmaker is suffering from but surely his face is no longer ‘pretty’ as he has always been asserting as a yet to be identified skin disease is currently making him restless and basing on the reports we have got, it’s said that him also A Pass doesn’t know what is eating him up.

When a Photo of him in a studio booth surfaced on the internet, alot of words were attacked to it with some of the fans saying that it is because of his unending lust for women that he is now suffering from diseases he knows nothing about. As some were advising him to see a doctor as soon as possible if he wants to stay alive, some were also warning him away from their female stars especially Flavia Tumusiime he has always crushed on.

A Pass has however not yet come out to say a word about the whole situation as everyone is anticipating to listen to his excuse as he always has any for every situation.

Sean Musa Carter

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