Stella Nyanzi Visits Mother’s Grave to Restore Peace, See Photos

Nalongo Stella Nyanzi together with family have spent their weekend honoring and remembering the day when her beloved mother joined her ancestors in 2015 and she has used this opportune moment to talk to the winds of her deceased mother to enlighten her misfortunes in her life.

The former academic don in the Makerere institute of social research lost her job a year ago over misconduct and is still in courts of law fighting for her fate on allegations of attacking the first family in an abusive and disrespectful manner that left her speechless when she was incarcerated at Luzira prisons over her alarming behavior.

Stella Nyanzi accompanied by her mother’s biological children, grand children, son-in-law and the heir celebrated their mother’s two years spell in heaven and as a typical ‘Kiganda’ version , they weeded the graves and cleaned the graves with detergent and water as to get blessings from their for bearers who are no more on this planet earth.

According to our sources, one of the family members who has participated in the  noble cause has been had narrating to her close friends that her mother, Nalongo Stella Nyanzi prayed on the grave of her mother where she sought for more blessings in life and enable her regain her lost job opportunity at Makerere University and overcome all her bothering challenges in life currently.

Let us hope that Nyanzi’s wishes sought at her mother’s grave become a reality because she has lost her self esteem ever since she was released from Luzira prison on bail after being charged by the government prosecution for attacking the first family.