Stella Nyanzi Explains Why She Stopped her Sanitary pads Campaign

Human rights activist, academic and former research fellow who once orchestrated her pieces of work at Makerere university’s institute of social research Nalongo Doctor Stella Nyanzi has come out publicly to tell her side of the story narrating why she calmed down from her nationwide sanitary pads campaign.

Nalongo Stella Nyanzi had stirred up a nationwide campaign against the government in power not to be so arrogant to the extent of not fulfilling one of the key issues in their manifesto which was saving the school going children mention the ‘girl child’ by providing them with free sanitary pads since it was a key factor for the increase in the girl-child school drop-outs basically because of poverty in acquiring the said sanitary staff that forced them to keep out of school to forego shame from the opposite s*x ‘boys’ who often dissed and made the uncomfortable in school especially during their menstrual periods.

The academic guru used the social media platforms especially Facebook to orchestrate her campaign by criticizing the NRM government to wake up and mind about the suffering girl-child something that tempted her to attack the first family on her Facebook page calling the commander-in-chief a ‘pair of b@ttocks something that landed her into hot soup being Incarcerated at Luzira Prisons for months till she sought for bail as she went on to defend herself about the pending defamatory statements that are currently in courts of law.

On Tuesday 22nd August, 2017, was the opportune moment for Ugandans to exactly get the truth why Stella Nyanzi is so quiet and this was orchestrated by one of her Facebook page followers who provoked her by wondering why she is such a loser to the extent of dropping her cause of placing the government to address the sanitary pads issue where it had promised a free service to the girl-child countrywide.

You see Stella, getting behind bars was a way to silence you, to intimidate you. Please don’t let them win in doing that. Do rest but don’t quit the struggle. It may not pay off right now but it surely will one day”,

lamented a one Lillian Kwamboka.
The weak and disappointed Nyanzi replied by wondering why people turn so arrogant and ill-hearted not minding about her future and family by encouraging her to move on with her sanitary pads campaign without knowing the repercussions she encountered in the due course of the struggle,

Jail left my children without a mother. I am not willing to pay such a price”, said Stella Nyanzi.

We are yet to ascertain the root cause of Stella’s cowardice who was once known as mouth watered inspirational speaker who left no stone unturned.