Stella Nyanzi barred from traveling abroad because of her Facebook posts

“Fuck you Yoweri Museveni for making me a prisoner in my own home. Fuck you Museveni.”
“Will Museveni feed my daughter and my twin sons? Museveni fucked up my job at Makerere University with his untenable executive order. He is now fucking up my international travel for academic conferences. May the gods curse Museveni” Cried Stella Nyanzi.

Dr. Stella Nyanzi has already missed her flight which was to take her to the Netherlands at the University of Amsterdam after she was denied leaving the airport by the immigrations department on allegations that she was barred from travel by the CID when she was summoned at the Police 2 weeks ago.

Stella Nyanzi who was to board the flight that was to take off at 2:20 AM heading to Amsterdam in the Netherlands via Nairobi in Kenya got her passport and boarding passes held and was advised by the supervisor at the immigrations to first get cleared by CID and then she will be allowed to travel.

Stella Nyanzi was summoned the Police following her controversial facebook posts attacking the incumbent president and the first lady.

Nyanzi who refused to leave the airport till her the flight she was to board left is now stranded after she missed the  academic conference entitled ‘Dissident Desires – Africa/ Asia: Critical Comparative Analyses on Gender and Sexuality’ of which she was among the key speakers at the University of Amsterdam.

“The Dutch embassy gave me a visa to enter their country. The University of Amsterdam paid for my travel and accommodation. Museveni, CID mercenaries, police zombies and immigration mafiaso are gang raping my human rights as a citizen of Uganda” Said Nyanzi in a teary tone

Stella Nyanzi has been the headline of the news since she was summoned at the police and thereafter started the Pads4GirlsUg a campaign that has seen thousands of pads donated to Ugandan school girls. Its through this activism that she has been barred from moving outside the country.

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe