Is Spice Diana Slaying or In A Relationship?

Diva and songbird Spice Diana is the artiste we know that has passionate love for a camera and she cannot run a day without posting a picture of herself doing something or being somewhere but the pictures she took today seem to have started backfiring instead. Today she came up with pictures where she was kissing with some unidentified girl and they seemed to have had their feelings reciprocated at the moment of the flash lights.

This pulled a lot of concern from her fans who she calls Spice gadgets as they all were asking if she was just slaying with a friend or they were enjoying themselves in the moment. Immediately before she knew it, the pictures went viral and some blogs termed her as officially gay.

She has however not come out yet to clear the air about this but the current situation is turning ugly as far as the pictures are concerned. But all we can say is there is a possible limerence that is getting the analysts twisted between the truth and falsehood.

It should be however noted that Spice Diana is having a new project which is to be let out soon and a portion of analysts was asserting that the move of the pictures was to hype the soon to be dropped song but where this started from and where it will end is still a mystery, we cannot predict the end but keep your eyes glued at Blizz we shall get you the truth behind this.