Spice Diana Goes Half N@ked Again in a Shopping mall

Songstress and the one of Uganda’s music industry young divas Spice Diana seems to be the one to fit in the shoes of her counterparts in the music industry like Desire Luzinda and others as she frequently takes photos that shows the most seductive parts of her body repetitively. And the latest is the photos she released showing her b00bs and her smooth waistline while in the shopping mall.

These photos are undoubtedly rated PG 18 as they must turn every male on and even others are left wondering why she had to torture her male followers with such erotic pieces. She said it was a complete photo shoot and she managed to sneak in a few for her followers to have a glance. But the praises she received were 99% from males and most of them were yelling in sweetness thanking her for having kept the slender body size and the smooth skin texture.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time Spice posts such pictures but we may say that she knows exactly what her fans want and it is what she delivers. Because even the captions she puts on the pictures show that she does it all for reasons. And if she keeps up like this we may soon get optical nutrition of not only the b00bs this time, but also we may see either a kitone or a katone whatever she holds between down there.

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